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Intel tries to sell performance of new 8th generation processors

Intel says the 8th generation processors are getting a boost of up to 40 per cent over the 7th generation. The company’s new processor family is divided into two categories: the Kaby Lake Refresh processors and Coffee Lake-S desktop chipsets.

In an effort to keep up the demand for notebooks, desktops and 2-in-1s in the Indian market, Intel is betting high on the success of its 8th generation Core processors. Although the company made the announcement a few days back, Intel showcased the new processor family in India this week.

Kaby Lake Refresh is designed for thin notebooks, 2-in-1s and clamshell computers and lets users watch up to 10 hours of 4K video with one charge. Users can take photos and edit them 25 to 28 per cent faster than the previous generation. The mobile processor takes advantage of four CPUs that allows for unprecedented performance and battery life improvements.

“Computing is getting into a transformational stage right now where everybody is looking for more performance. The kind of things they do with personal computing devices is drastically changing. People are using more and more computing devices for content creation, content consumption, and new immersive experiences. For example, a lot of 4K videos are being watched, people want to buy, create these videos and edit them. And on the gaming side, there is a very strong performance need for games that meet both the CPU and graphics,” Gokul Subramanian, Sr Director, GM Client Systems and Innovation Organisation.

The Santa Clara-based chipset giant also shared details for the brand new “Coffee Lake-S” eighth-generation desktop chipsets. The new generation of desktop chips for the first time feature six cores in both i5 and i7 SKUs. Intel says users can do a lot of parallel tasks on the desktop, especially if you are a hardcore gamer. With the Coffee Lake-S CPUs, gamers can expect up to 25 per cent more frames per second on demanding games such as Gears of War 4. The company claims its Coffee Lake-S core processors will also let users edit 360 degree videos with ease.

However, it is not an easy task for Intel to make regular user understand the difference between 7th and 8th generation Core processors. In fact, market research firm Gartner’s latest data for the third quarter of 2017 shows the dwindling health of overall PC market with even Apple facing the heat. Gartner says global PC shipments fell 3.6 per cent year-on-year for a combined total of 67 million units. That’s down from 69.6 million units during the same quarter last year. HP shipped 14.5 million units, while Lenovo came second with 14.3 million. Dell managed to capture the third place with 10.1 million units, followed by Asusand Apple with 4.8 million and 4.6 million units shipped, respectively.