The day is not far when PSP will bring its own chief minister in Sindh

HYDERABAD: Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that the day is not far when PSP will bring its own chief minister in Sindh. Sindhis has accepted PSP as an alternative in politics.

Mr Kamal, who has embarked on a tour of lower Sindh, told journalists after attending a flag-hoisting ceremony in Hussainabad on Wednesday that PSP aimed to connect people with each other irrespective of their religious, political and sectarian beliefs.

He said that if people did not review their decisions with regard to vote then angels would not descend from heavens to change their lives; they would have to get rid of tyrants themselves.

He said that newborns were dying from malnutrition and seven million children were out of school in Sindh. He was told in Thatta where he went before arriving in Hyderabad that loadshedding had been increased to 24 hours. “People have accepted PSP as an alternative in Sindh and everyone is now united under the party’s flag because they know our record,” he said.

He said that people knew who built Karachi and they also knew that he and his friends had given up luxuries to work for their cause.

He and his colleagues were not after perks and privileges. Anis Kaimkhani was deputy convener in the party [MQM before switching to PSP] but he decided to work for the cause of people and the masses embraced Kaimkhani as well as him, he said.

He clarified that PSP would not form any alliance with any party before elections. “Let’s see how many parties survive till next elections,” he said, adding PSP’s chief minister would devolve powers down to taluka and monitor everything at grassroots level.

“The day is not far when PSP will bring its own chief minister with the help of ‘Sindhis’ and will settle all problems once and for all,” he observed.

About chief minister’s admission that the system did not allow him to work, Mr Kamal said that if such was the case the CM should resign immediately and disclose who had created obstructions to his work.

He exclaimed how ironic it was that whenever people of Sindh demanded medicines and clean drinking water they were told that their chief minister did not have any powers. Mayors in Karachi and Hyderabad also made similar statements, he said.

He criticised PPP government’s performance and said that only a journey by road in the province was sufficient to reveal everything. Ruling parties had disgraced their mandate since they were supposed to serve the masses and not merely hold elections, he said.

Mr Kamal was accompanied by Anis Kaimkhani, Iftikhar Randhawa, Hafee­zuddin and others during the Hyderabad visit.