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FBR officials brief tax payers on Sales Tax Returns

KARACHI: A number of representatives from different organizations including private entities attended a workshop conducted by  senior officials of Federal Board of Revenue here on Thursday aimed at to brief the tax payers about filing of Sales Tax Returns and its importance.

An officer of FBR Rafiquzzaman Khan (IRAO)  while discussing different areas of problems when pointed out by the participants in online filling of sales tax returns said if there was some error while submitting online form, there is an option of manual alternate to every step that can help in making the procedure easy.

Replying to a question raised in the workshop, he  said that if  options in Online forms were  disabled, in such a case Rafiquzzman suggested to file in writing such complaint through Email.

Briefing the participants of the workshop  Abdul Shakoor (Computer Programmer, (RTO) pointed out that the purpose of holding this workshop was to educate the relevant persons with knowledge and information on filing of Sales Tax Returns.

The basic requirements and pre-requisites for e-registration was that Tax Payers must be registered and have an active NTN number.

Mr. Abdul Shakoor while explaining different Annex mentioned in the form said that ninety percent of the applicants were not following Annex J properly.

He further said that while filling the form most of the applicants commit mistakes in Annex F which results in showing wrong stats to Sindh Revenue Board.

Mr. Rafiquzzaman asked the participants not to be hesitaten and let him know any information not clear in their minds regarding filing of Tax Returns.

The workshop was jointly organized by by Eventspedia and Center of Corporate Trainings (CCT).