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Where is Naya Pakistan, PTI has done nothing in KPK

NOWSHERA: Pakistan Peoples Party Co chairman Asif Ali Zardari badly criticized the PTI led government in KPK and asked where is Naya Pakistan, PTI has done nothing in KPK.

While addressing a workers convention in Kamoke, Nowshera on Tuesday, Zardari said they did not do Pakhtuns a favour by helping them secure their identity. But, he added, they just want Pakhtuns to not detach themselves from Pakistan.

“We [just] want Pakistan and [its] Pukhtuns to be respected.”

During his address, Zardari criticised the condition of Nowshera, saying it was where KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak belonged to but he had not done much for the betterment of his district.

The PPP co-chairperson maintained that people in power in KP were doing politics of pretence and do not actually know what their land and its people want.

A day earlier, Zardari addressed a similar gathering in Peshawar, where he lashed out at the ruling government. During his address, the PPP co-chairperson had said the people in power would have sold the country if it were up to them.