20,000 schools to be shifted to solar energy: Shahbaz

Chief Minister Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that twenty thousand schools in remote areas of the province will be shifted to solar energy.

In a meeting to review the implementation of Khadim-e-Punjab Ujala Program in Lahore on Wednesday, he said over 10,800 schools in Southern Punjab will be shifted to solar power in the first phase.

He further added saying that the project will be implemented with utmost transparency.

Pakistan already is among the list of top 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change. Over the last decade alone, it has faced two massive floods, water scarcity, two deadly heatwaves and a drought.

Experts say that the government should be pushing the agenda on alternative energy because if it continues to remain heavily reliant on fossil fuels, the country’s population will be at the receiving end of the worsening impacts of climate change in years to come.

It hangs inconspicuous, lightly swaying in the wind, powering Omair Bin Tahir’s small eyeglasses store, Choice Optics.

Perturbed by prolonged power outages especially during peak business hours, Tahir installed the 100 watts panel some six months ago.

Now he doesn’t have to worry about having to turn customers away during the evening, the time when people start thronging the market and power outages commonly strike.

While his neighbouring shopkeepers try to help customers amid the din of noisy generators or charging-starved UPS systems, Tahir is relaxed because thanks to his solar panel he has enough power stored to run his shop’s fan and several bright lights for hours.