Menace of load shedding is on the verge of elimination in the country

Lahore: Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif  said that menace of load shedding is on the verge of elimination in the country. Pakistan will start producing electricity more than its needs by 2018.

 “This is all because of the efforts of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and its head Nawaz Sharif.”

On country’s security situation,  he said that “all fragments of terrorism have been eliminated.” He added, “Pakistan Army troops have given their blood to get rid of the menace of terrorism”.

“Our struggle against terrorism is a great tale of the sacrifices of law enforcing agencies, Pakistan Army and police,” the CM remarked.

He added, “We have to accept this challenge today and make our future better.”

He reiterated that PML-N has used all its resources to improve the lives of the people. “All resources are being used to improve law and order situation, along with health and education departments.”

Transparency has been the policy of PML-N since the start, Shehbaz added.

On health facilities in Punjab, he explained that a network of filter clinics is being laid down in different parts of the province. The clinics will provide aid to cancer patients and help in early detection of the disease.

He remarked that measures have been taken to combat water-borne diseases, adding that the greatest contribution of Punjab government has been that patients are being provided with genuine medicines.