University campuses urged to ‘Go Green’

LAHORE: Speakers at a Green Campus Initiative seminar urged government, authorities and management of universities to make the campuses environment friendly by adopting a green culture and renewable energy resources.

The seminar was held at Institute of Communication Studies (ICS) University of the Punjab here on Thursday. Principal College of Earth and Environmental Science (CEES) Dr Sajid Rasheed, In charge Director ICS, Dr Noshina Saleem, Global award winning environmentalist Syed Abubakar, Environment journalist Haroon Akram, President Unified Media Group Muhammad Hassaan along with faculty and students of ICS were present on occasion. The seminar was part of the students’ campaign titled ‘Make the Campus Green’ organized by the students of Development Journalism which focuses on energy efficient campuses all around country.

While addressing the seminar, Dr Sajid Rasheed said that everyone knows that country is facing energy crises and if we will use more energy efficient ways to cater the issue this will be beneficial for upcoming generations.  his initiative of the students will convince more people to think about renewable energy resources and one day their vision will be able to end energy shortage from the country, he added.

He also announced 100 tree donations to the students running the Make Campus Green Campaign.

Dr Noshina Saleem said that it was her long-lasting wish that someone from campus should take an initiative regarding the energy crises and those students made her impressed. She added that recommendations of the student’s campaign will be sent forward to the authorities to make PU Campus more energy efficient.

Syed Muhammad Abubakar highlighted several issues being faced by Pakistan and said that Pakistan stands 7th among countries who are most affecting by climate change. He added that its notable that people are being aware of the actual problem and they are thinking towards sustainable solutions to the energy crises.

Muhammad Hassaan observed that media should highlight such initiatives by the students as according to him media is the major communication bridge between this campaign of students and authorities.

‘Make the Campus Green’ is a student led initiative by the environmental journalism students of ICS with main focus on making the university campus a sustainable and environment friendly.