Learn and Earn


Khurram Aniq Ahmed Khan.


In this economical world students find themselves at crossroads due to a faculty system of education. Instead of going for regular studies of graduation and post-graduation, students desire to go for short term professional courses as they want to start their earnings at young age. Even some students try to do some part time job from the start of their professional courses. They are the students who want to meet their educational expenditures on their own or maybe they just want to support their families. No matter whatever the reason, but having hunger of earning at young age is a positive factor and numbers of students are working on the principle of “Learn and Earn”.

Learn and Earn gives logic of learning and earning at the same time. But what should we learn? If any student wants to learn and earns at the same time then he should learn things out of the way, he needs to do extra work then his companions, he needs to develop some spark in him which will help him in getting attention of people. Obviously if you need to be ahead of others then there is some extra work is required. In today’s competitive world, you need to be extra talented then others in every field. Otherwise you will be living a life of no means.

Concept of pocket money is now viral all around the world, parents usually provide children with some amount to carry with them as pocket money. This amount is for their refreshment cause or some other needs of their daily activities. But what if a child earns his own pocket money?

In today’s world where expenses are rising day by day, it has become difficult for a person to handle all expenditures with any single earning. People seem to be doing multiple jobs to support their families.

Why qualified people are also under the cloud of expenses? Qualified people are also facing such problems. They wait for their educational career to over and then they start their professional life, which is actually very late.

Learning and Earning at the same time provides people opportunity to get stable early in practical life. Somehow, it’s a positive thing. Nobody hates earning and when it comes before time, it will be very helpful.

“When you are young, work to Learn, not to earn.”

The above statement is worth taking by Robert Kiyosaki. In the young age, we should work, but for the sake of earning. We can’t expect some high amount as earning in young age. Young age is period of time in which we do not need high number of amount, we just need a very little earning to support our daily expenses.

Today when a child completes his educational career, he is unable to find a suitable job. The reason behind for not being able to find a suitable job is no experience in practical life. After completing universities, students went to get some experience. After experience, they start their practical lives, which is not a positive sign.

It is need of youngsters to start earning at young age along with their education, many are doing this, and rest will do it after completion of degree. When you are in teenage you learn, but after this you earn.

“In your 20s, you learn,

In your 30s, you earn.”