16 dacoit gangs busted, valuables worth Rs 3.9mln recovered

KHANEWAL: District Police Officer (DPO) Zahid Nawaz Marwat said on Monday the police busted 16 dacoit gangs and recovered looted valuables worth Rs 3.9 million from them during the current year.

Addressing a press conference, he said that police arrested 41 members of various criminal gangs, and raids were being conducted to arrest 13 more, who had escaped during the police action.

He said that during the current year, police arrested 71 illegal weapon-holders and recovered four rifles, 15 guns, seven revolvers, 43 pistols, two carbine and rounds from the criminals.

Police also arrested 97 drug-peddlers and unearthed 10 distilleries while recovering 8.165-kg hashish, 597-gram heroin, 1,557-litre liquor and 1,120 litre locally made wine from them.

He said that 59 gamblers were also arrested with stake money Rs 82,450 and gambling material.

The DPO said that 50 violators of amplifier act, eight of tenant act, four of wall chalking and six violators of security ordinance were arrested under national action plan.

Zahid said that memorandums of understanding (MoUs) have been signed with three hospitals including Dr Khalid Mohiuddin Qadri Surgical Hospital, Alshifa Hospital of Dr Athar Saeed and Umar Hospital of Dr Ghulam Murtaza for separate counters for

police officials at the District Headquarters Hospital, 50 per cent discount for retired officials and free medical treatment of family of martyred police officials.

He said that free vaccination of hepatitis B and C of 600 police officials and officers would also be ensured.

He said an MoU had also been signed with various schools and colleges for 20 to 60 per cent discount in fee of kids of police officials, he added.