Mega public welfare projects being completed speedily: Minister

LAHORE: Punjab Minister for Local Government and Rural Development Manshaullah Butt on Monday said the PML-N government was serious to execute the construction of national pride projects with priority.

“The Rs 19 billion Khadim e Punjab Rural Road program will bring a revolution in the life of people living in villages and far areas of the province,” he added.

Speaking to this news agency at the Punjab Assembly he said, speedy completion of public welfare projects were being ensured so that people could benefit from them at the earliest.

He said the government had initiated revolutionary programs worth billions of rupees to raise living standards of public, by providing facilities and seeing a record number of development projects to their ends despite obstacles.

Due to sincere efforts and prudent policies of the government, he said, the country was embarked on the road of development.

The minister said, the country’s current financial development had been acknowledged by international organisations and that Pakistan would soon emerge as an economic power in the region under the leadership of PML-N.

He said, provision of potable water to people was the responsibility of the government that was why billions of rupees had been allocated for Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Pani program so that clean water could be made available to the people.

The minister expressed the hope that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) would emerge victorious in the next elections, saying that the politics of hard work and public service would bear fruits.

He claimed the PML-N was still the most popular party among the public, adding that masses had become aware to reject politicians who exploited politics for their own interests.