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Punjab Govt’s ‘Twitter diplomacy’ against smog gains ground across the border

Just a few days ago, when both Northern Pakistan and India were covered in thick smog and residents of Delhi and Lahore were choked by the poisonous mixture of pollutants and chilly winter air, Twitter handle of Pakistani Punjab government mentioned the Chief minister of Indian Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh in a tweet detailing the medium and long-term plan adopted by the Punjab government to counter the smog and urged the Indian CM to do the same.


Stubble burning by the farmers on both sides has been identified as the primary reason behind the ever-worsened smog that has extended much beyond the plain areas of northern Punjab. The smoke from these fires gets mixed with cold air and the absence of perspiration forms the smog. Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal repeatedly urged Captain Amrinder to control in the stubble burning in his province who turned down the proposal blaming on the financial woes of state.

This is why the Pakistani Punjab’s tweet went viral across the border as it was picked up by various media platforms and many Indian citizens appreciated Shahbaz Sharif led Punjab government’s swift response the smog problem and urged their govt to follow its lead.

Video Courtesy: Govt of Punjab- Digital Media Wing