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Microsoft promises to fix long-standing Surface problems

Microsoft’s multibillion-dollar Surface brand has taken many hits in its relatively short and sordid career, while customer support vacillated between inadequate and non-existent. Now, official posts on the Microsoft Answers Forum lend a ray of hope to those who have specific problems. It remains to be seen if the posts reflect a corporate change of heart, or if they’re just more of the same-old same-old.

Last week I wrote about the apparent bug in the Win10 Fall Creators Update that makes some Surface Pens stop writing. In that article I list 10 separate Answers Forum threads and two Reddit threads, packed with complaints from similarly afflicted customers.

Then there’s the long-standing Surface screen-flickering problems. I talked about it six months ago, three months ago, two weeks ago, and again last week. George Visvikis posted a video on YouTube that describes a fix — put your screen in the freezer for a bit and the flickering stops, only to return a few minutes later. The “Flickergate” website is still going strong.

Battery problems have become synonymous with “Surface.” A year ago, the Simplo “batterygate” fiasco led to a class-action lawsuit, which was followed by even more battery problems. Blue screens, lockups, and countless other problems led to Consumer Reports dropping its “Recommended” imprimatur for all Microsoft laptops. Computer World