Early elections against the spirit of democracy: Shehbaz

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that politics is no gimmickry but a selfless service to the people and added that people have defeated the conjurers at every front who have made the politics a victim of their tricks.

Sharif said that the elements indulged in spreading anarchy, falsehood and leveling of allegations have no concern for the public welfare. The politicians who are devoid of public service have only wasted the precious time of the people. These elements who have erected obstacles in the journey of national development will have to be accountable for their negative behavior. These tricksters will again face defeat in the general elections of 2018 and the conscious people will reject the negative politics of opponents of the development.

The Chief Minister expressed these views while talking to elected representatives who called on him here today. The Chief Minister said the elements demanding early elections are unnerved over the speedy development of the country. He inquired that how the elements that have made the people disappointed in their province are claiming about change and added that it is unbecoming of such politicians to talk about making of a new Pakistan. The elements involved in spreading disappointments and hopelessness should take pity on the nation. He said when the nation was caught in the quagmire of problems, these people were involved in their negative politics and it is sheer un-luck that these political elements have always given preference to their personal interests over anything else. The elements obstructing the journey of national development will have to be answerable to the people. He said the loot and plunder of former corrupt rulers increased the problems of the people as the poor nation was looted through the plunder of national resources.

The Chief Minister said that corruption, loot and nepotism have become a story of the past in development projects. The government has promoted transparency in development schemes and the PML-N has rendered yeoman service for national prosperity. The services of the PML-N leadership are unforgettable and the targets of development have been achieved in our government. He regretted the national economy was ruined by corruption and plunder in the past but the PML-N government has restored the sagging economy which it inherited. It is a historic achievement of the PML-N that it has put the country on the road to development by getting rid of the economic deficit. The pivot of the strategy of the PML-N is welfare and prosperity of the layman and we have burnt the midnight oil to ensure a good future of the country, concluded the Chief Minister. Those who called on the Chief Minister included MNAs Chaudhry Khalid Javed Warraich, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti, Ghulam Bibi Bharwana and Sardar Ashiq Hussain Gopang.

CM for promotion of tolerance, peaceful coexistence

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said the purpose of celebrating International Day for Tolerance is to highlight and promote the importance of tolerance, patience and peaceful coexistence at the grassroots.

In his message, the Chief Minister said that the promotion of the passions of tolerance and harmony is the need of the hour and added that religion of Islam stresses the need for promoting the norms of tolerance in the society.

Sharif observed that attitudes based on lack of tolerance destruct the society and contrary to it, a peaceful society can be developed by promoting the sentiments of tolerance and passions. It is all the more important that the people be sensitized about the importance of promoting the passions of tolerance.

The CM necessitated the need for promoting societal behaviors based on tolerance and said that educational institutions including universities and seminaries can play an important role in promoting such positive norms in the society. Today, we should reiterate our commitment to playing an effective role in promoting tolerance and passions by eradicating all sorts of prejudice in the society, concluded the Chief Minister.