PSPC providing safe drinking water to 350,000 people in South Punjab

MULTAN: As many as 116 modern water filtration plants have been installed in villages of Lodhran, Hasilpur, Dunyapur, Khanpur and Minchinabad tehsils in Bahawalpur region under Safe Drinking Water Programme which is providing the facility to more than 350,000 people.

An official of the Punjab Saaf Pani Company (PSPC) said on Wednesday that the water filtration plants had been installed by the PSPC-South at easy-to-access places in villages of the tehsils.

As revealed in various survey reports, the underground water in these tehsils had contained multiple pollutants which affected health of locals, he said.

The PSPC-South had launched a robust awareness campaign aimed at inclining locals to use filtered water for consumption and cooking purposes, he added.

Besides, the engagement of the PSPC-South’s community mobilization staff, lady health workers and health nutrition supervisors in the tehsils had been taken onboard through the District Health and Education Departments to promote hygiene practices and consumption of filtered water among locals.

Similarly, Radio Pakistan network in Bahawalpur region is also being used to create awareness messages among communities in the tehsils.

The Punjab government had launched the Safe Drinking Water Programme not only to protect water quality but also to make it available to those who lack access in rural areas of the Punjab, he informed.

It is worth mentioning here that the safe drinking water programme

will cover villages and settlements in 137 tehsils to provide basic necessity of life to over 56 million population in the province.