A Black December

Khurram Aniq Ahmed Khan

December is not that good for Pakistan. It brings Pakistan an unhappy ending of the year. December was commonly known as month of happiness in Pakistan because it brings winter along with it. Some celebrate December as its end of the year and after this month, a new year will be there waiting for us. Some do celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December.

Pakistanis have a feel of sorry for December. It has brought us some incidents in previous years which will be remembered for life time. We can’t forget the separation of East Pakistan which is Bangladesh of present. We can’t forget attack on APS students. We can’t forget death of ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Miss Benazir Bhutto. We can’t forget the death of our known Islamic scholar, Junaid Jamshed. We as a nation witnessed all these incidents in the month of December in different years.

1971 is the year when East Pakistan was separated from Pakistan and name Bangladesh. People of that time tell the story of situation of the country that time. We can only imagine the scenario but we cannot figure out the horror people were having that time. Sudden attacks and quick responses made people bound at their homes. But after facing all these hurdles, we were unable to protect East Pakistan (Bangladesh).

Moving forward in the year 2007, Ex-Prime minister of Pakistan was shouted by unknown person and was martyred while addressing people. That was too a big loss to Pakistan.

2014 again was a year to remember for Pakistanis. Army Public School was attacked by terrorists on morning the 16th of December 2014. This brought a horror in educational institutes all over the country. Every institute was off because of danger. It was difficult for parents to send their children too. Whole country was feeling terror for a long time. 141 people who include 136 children were martyred in this while 960 of them were injured. Children are most loved by their parents. That day many parents lost their beloved ones.

Another lost we had to bear is the loss of Junaid Jamshaid. He left us last year on 7th of December 2016. While traveling in an aircraft, his plane got blasted in the air and took Junaid Jamshed from us. He was a known Islamic scholar of Pakistan. He started his career as a pop singer but then he turned to way of ALLAH. His life is true example of “Turn to ALLAH before you go to ALLAH”. How he changed his life, how he spent his life is an epitome for all of us. But unfortunately, we lost him and he is no more with us now.

These are losses which Pakistan has to bear for a long time. Why all this is happening to us?

We all including our government is responsible for all mishaps of December. Talking from top to the bottom, from separation of East Bangladesh to death of Junaid Jamshed, us people and our selected government and leaders are responsible for this. No doubt, our deeds are also responsible for current situation. We need to take mercy on us and then on our country. Every single person should take his own responsibility and start working for betterment of system.

December has not been very good for Pakistan. No Pakistani can feel its charm and beauty. Hopefully that December will not bring us anything insane to us.