Exercise boosts brain health in adults: Study

ISLAMABAD: Daily exercise can help youngsters boost their brain performance, found a new study.

The new study of 52 young women found that oxygen availability, which is known to positively relate to brain health and function, is higher in adults who exercise regularly.

Women who exercised on a regular basis had higher oxygen availability in the anterior frontal region of the brain and performed best on difficult cognitive tasks, Medical Daily reported.

“Our findings suggest that regular engagement in physical activity may improve brain functioning even in young adults in their prime,” said Liana Machado, a senior lecturer in psychology at University of Otago in New Zealand.

Both blood supply to the brain and cognitive functioning appear to benefit from regular exercise.


69 thousand patients benefitted from Sehat Insaaf Card

PESHAWAR: As part of providing free healthcare facilities to people of KP, more than 69 thousand people throughout the province have availed free treatment under the government’s health insurance program costing Rs 1.65 billion out of the total allocated Rs 2.5 Billion.

According to Project Director for Sehat Insaf Card, Riaz Tanoli, fifty thousand surgeries and 19 thousand other medical treatments have been carried out under the Sehat Insaaf Card Program.

In Mardan district alone, 9870 patients have benefited from the Sehat Insaf Card followed by 7949 patients in district Swabi, 7320 in Kohat and 7120 in Peshawar.  After successful completion of the first phase of the health insurance program launched in February 2016, the initiative has now been extended to the entire province. Initially, the health insurance program was launched in Mardan, Kohat and Malakand covering 21 percent of the total population, living below poverty line, in the mentioned districts.