Indian film industry has become ‘vegetable market’: Dharmendra

(Monitoring Desk) – Bollywood legendary actor Dharmendra said that Indian film industry as ‘vegetable market’ nowadays as money has become everything for the actors.

In an interview, Dharmindra said that now actors are ready to do anything for money even they can also become massagers.

Dharmendra said, “This industry has become a ‘sabzi mandi’ today where you sell, buy and bargain for vegetables. The actors today are dancing and singing for money, go anywhere where money is, get involved in oil massages (pun intended). All for money. Money has everything now, something which was not there in our time.”

“There are certain things that you have to do and I don’t want to talk about as such when it comes to awards. But, I can say that I never had that way on how you should take the awards. I never had that shrewd, cunning brain to get it. I don’t want it and I am not interested in that! Your film is a hit, people, fans love you, that should be your award atleast it is like that for me,” Dharmendra added.

Dharmendra has worked in more than 300 films in his career with blockbusters like Phool Aur Patthar, Sholay and Yaadon Ki Baaraat.