NAB got 76 percent accused punished by courts

LAHORE: Director General NAB Lahore Shahzad Saleem on Thursday said that NAB had succeeded to get its corruption accused punished by courts at the ratio of 76 percent.

While the other anti-corruption institutions succeeded in getting only 10 percent punished by the trial courts, he added.

He was addressing a function held on the International Anti-Corruption Day at Al-hamra, here.

He said that civil society and media were the pillars of the society and NAB could get more strength by seeking their cooperation. He said that NAB had established hundreds of societies in educational institutions to create hatred against corruption. He further said that unemployment was very big problems of the country which persuaded people to commit crime.

He claimed that NAB had deposited over Rs 290 billion in government exchequer during last 18 years. He said according to a survey the people showed their trust in NAB 42 percent as compare to police, and their trust in police was less than 30 percent.

Later, addressing the function, justice ® Mian Allah Nawaz said that the economic imbalance born evils in this society.

The NAB officials distributed awards to students. A walk was also arranged by the NAB to mark International Anti Corruption Day. Famous writer Amjad Islam Amjad, columnists Sohail Waraich and Akram Sehgal also spoke on the occasion.

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