Rumi stresses on crop zoning, import of quality cotton seed

MULTAN: Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) President Khawaja Jalaluddin Rumi has underlined the need for extending full support to the farming community pleading that increase in agriculture production would improve the industrial operations.

Talking to the media here, Rumi, who also holds charge of DG Khan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DGKCCI) and had served as a provincial minister in past, said that farmers’ financial strengthening would boost national economy.

He said that textile sector needed fourteen million cotton bales, however, national cotton production, according to an assessment would stand at 11 million bales this year.

He said that textile sector had been importing 2.5 million bales of lint for the last few years at the cost of precious foreign exchange which can be avoided providing cotton production get a boost at home.

He suggested that the government should initially import quality cotton seed and distribute it free among farmers for handsome cotton production. He added that later, government could finalize agreements with companies for preparation of seed at home and the issue of fake seed can be resolved in this way.

He also suggested that government should introduce crop zoning policy by allocating specific areas for specific cash crops. He said that farmers had been cultivating sugarcane in cotton rich areas of South Punjab that was decreasing cotton sown area and on the other hand sugar mills have not yet begun their crushing season putting the farming community at a disadvantaged position.

He also suggested promotion of agri based industries in the area to create more job opportunities for youth.