Shaan expresses desire to do a biopic on the life of Pervez Musharraf

KARACHI (Monitoring Desk): Lollywood’s superstar Shaan Shahid expressed desire to do a biopic on the life of former president Pervez Musharraf.

Shaan, who will be seen in Arth-The Destination next, came on morning show, on Wednesday for the promotion of his movie.

While speaking to media after the show, Shaan was asked if he gets a chance to do a biopic, then which real-life character would he like to play. To which, he replied that he would be thrilled to do a movie based on Pervez Musharraf’s life.

He shared that he is not a supporter of Musharraf but he really liked the former president’s point of view presented in his book, In the Line of Fire.

“I want movies based on history to be made in Pakistan. When Hollywood can make movies such as Zero Dark Thirty, then why not in Lollywood,” he asked.

Moreover, the actor also shared that he would also love to remake Riaz Shahid’s Zarka.

When asked about his contemporaries from Lollywood who have visibly vanished from the silver screens, Shaan shared that he is still working as he didn’t burn out himself.

“I didn’t burn out myself. I kept my pace for films. I am a product of films and I always focused on my destination.” He shared that so many people tried to convince him to join television but he stood his ground.

“You have to stick to your ground and remember the relationship you have built with the audience.”

Shaan also shed some light on his personal life and shared that he proposed his wife, Amina, a week after meeting her.

“We met; we liked each other, within seven days I sent my mom to her place with a proposal.”

On his relationship with wife, he said: “she understands my mission, she understands what I am trying to do in life and in the film industry.” However, she does have a lot of control at home, he said, adding that with a wife and four daughters his house is very women-centric.

When asked why Shaan chose to remake an Indian movie given his vocal opposition of releasing Indian movies in Pakistan, he shared: “My plan was to have a trade with India, I am an actor. I just think that our films don’t get the same space in India as theirs get here.”

The situation is so bad that even our actors are not getting a visa to India, he said, adding “it is not about money but izzat [honour].”

Shaan also shared that his upcoming movie will not be releasing in India because of the tense and hostile conditions there. “If someone like Mahesh Bhatt isn’t able to release a [Pakistani] film, then I don’t know who can.”

The Khuda Kay Liye actor shared that currently the movies in Pakistan are being made in comfort zone. “We need to enlarge the scope, and increase the pie.”

The films are being controlled, the heroes are all the same, he said, adding “norms of the business have not been set up as far as entertainment is concerned.”

People are trying to control the cinema but they should know that “it’s too early to own it.”

Let the people decide what they want, he remarked. “Let new people come in. New talent should be given a chance.”

On the trend of movie promotions, Shaan remarked that it is a new trend associated with the evolution of the Pakistan cinema.

“Back in the day, there was a trust element between the audience and filmmaker, which was more than enough.”

On Arth-The Destination, he said that he wanted to pick a movie which resonates with people from both Pakistan and India. “I wanted to make an art film, one which people from all age groups can relate to.”

He said that he approached Mahesh Bhatt, the director of Shabana Azmi starrer Arth, and he did not charge Shaan any money over movie’s copyrights.

“I took the script added something very valuable to it, changed the protagonist and structure of the movie,” he said, adding “I wanted to show the ties between the two countries through this film.”

On the casting of Humaima Malik, Shaan, who has also written the movie’s script, said that she was the perfect fit for the role.

The movie will release on December 21.