Apps development’s contribution to national exchequer surging

ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 (APP):Pakistanis – unique in their innovative way of designing apps with creative and user friendly interface – are contributing around US $ 15 million per monththrough exporting apps.
No doubt telecom and technology sector of Pakistan is trying hard to meet international standards, somehow the country has achieved its goal in area of application development.
According to statistics issued in App Annie report on overall situation of the industry, the global app spend will reach US $ 110 billion next year, which represents a rise of 30 per cent over year before.
In Pakistan’s case, the increasing growth in application development is arrival of high speed mobile broadband attracting youth and talented people to the field. Pakistani App developers are successfully meeting the global standards and getting worldwide attention.
Although the competition in the global market is very challenging but Pakistani companies are struggling hard to perform and show their expertise.
“This trend needs to be pushed up since business of foreign clients is attractive in terms of values and knowledge acquisition,”
Chief Executive Officer of an App developer firm said.
Many IT and Telecom experts also believed that these apps are smooth and efficient. They observed the competition among software houses and mobile app developers is quite healthy. IT and Telecom experts also came up with suggestion for the app developers to design and produce apps for next generation watches and smart television sets that have a broader appeal worldwide.
The report said the number of markets that will generate above $ 100 million in app revenue will go above 40 as well. In more mature markets, more consumers will spend more than an average of an hour a month on shopping apps.
Google Play Store is outpacing the iTunes App Store in terms of total app count by almost double, having 3.5 million apps compared to the Apple store’s 2 million.
The experts said smartphones today are sewn seamlessly into our lives. The recent years have onlooked a tumultuous revolution in technology and with it, growth in the use.
Here is a glimpse of the latest trends numbers and predictions for mobile world, including mobile apps, of course. The trends of mobile app technology are ever-dynamic and have been witnessed by the changes that have taken place. It signals not only rapid evolution, but ascertains the need for mobile app developers to be adaptive and versatile to the preceding changes.
The report said an individual spends an average of about 3.5 hours using mobile devices, which has resulted in 66 per cent increase in investment of digital advertisement while 22 per cent of all e-Commerce in retail and sales belong to mobile devices.
Technology and world have contracted down to a single mobile screen with adroitness of men and to pace up with progressive world, it is important to be cognizant of the latest trends and updates.