Opposition boycotts NA proceedings, asks for inclusion of FATA Reform Bill on agenda

ISLAMABAD (APP):Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarian (PPPP), Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) on Tuesday boycotted the proceedings of the National Assembly due to delay in the presentation of the FATA Reforms Bill and excluding it from the regular agenda of the House in previous sitting.
Speaking on a point of order, the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah said it was unfortunate that the bill had been withdrawn from the agenda without any
“What happened all of a sudden?
Why has the bill been excluded from the agenda? ” he questioned.
He said it was unfortunate that the PML-N government had never taken Parliament serious, adding the government is making parliament redundant.
The PPP leader said that not only the opposition, but a majority of ruling party members were also in
favour of the bill.
He said if the bill had been withdrawn on technical reasons,
these should be shared with the opposition parties. “We are ready to assist the
government. If the reasons were not shared with us , we will continue to boycott
the proceeding of the house” he maintained.
He said that PPPP will not be part of the proceedings of the
house till inclusion of the FATA Reform Bill.
Khurseed Shah said that Palestine is the issue of whole Muslim countries and US President’s decision will not help to establish durable peace, and opponent of peace will take benefit from it.
He said it would have been much better, if the Prime Minister
would have embarked visit of the Muslim countries to evolve consensus on
Palestine issue.
“Today , we are facing very serious issues, but the government attitude is not serious” he added.
He cited the tenure of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who visited 26 countries to find out the solution of the Palestine issue and met with the political leadership to evolve consensus at that time.
“We want to solve the issue through negotiations not through agitation
and government had to exhibit seriousness” he said.
Member National Assembly Asad Omar said that all issues
should be solved in the Parliament. “We are trying to solve the issues outside
the Parliament and then talk about threats to democracy”. He said government
had not taken Parliament into confidence on the Faizabad sit-in issue.
“I am unable to see the government on the Palestine issue, I have
not seen the Prime Minister in the Parliament to speak on the Palestine issue”
he said.
He said that issue should not be solved on the table of
breakfast.”If the issues are being solved on breakfast table then there is no
need of Parliament and we will not accept any such step”, he added.
MQM legislator Shaikh Salahuddin said his party endorsed
the stance of opposition leader on FATA Reforms Bill. He also demanded to resolve
the issue of peasants on priority basis as agriculture is the backbone of the
country’s economy.
He said Pakistan should play a leading role in the Palestine
issue and all the Muslim Umma should gather at one platform.
Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab asked the opposition parties to wait till Friday as Prime Minister would hold a meeting with the opposition leader to discuss the issue about FATA
reforms. “Today Prime Minister has scheduled visit of Turkey and soon after the
arrival PM would hold a meeting with the opposition parties on breakfast” he added.
“ I will request the opposition parties to avoid protest as the issue would be solved with consensus ” he added.
The proceedings of the House were adjourned by Deputy Speaker Javeed Murtaza Abbasi due to lack of quorum. The quorum was pointed by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MNA, Hamidul Haq and business on the Private Member’s day could not be taken up.
All legislative business, resolutions, motions under rule 259, one Calling Attention Notice, reports of the standing committees remained unaddressed due to early adjournment of sitting over quorum issue.