6-year-old made $11 million in one year reviewing toys on You Tube

ISLAMABAD (APP): A 6-year-old named Ryan who plays with toys mesmerizing millions of children across the globe.
Ryan has become a multi-millionaire, according to Forbes magazine’s just-out list of highest paid YouTube entrepreneurs. He was ranked number eight, having brought in $11 million in revenue between June 1, 2016, Washington Post reported.
He tied with the comedy channel Smosh, created by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox.
Since he was 3 years old, Ryan’s parents have been capturing videos of him opening toys, playing with them and “reviewing” them for videos posted on their YouTube channel, “Ryan ToysReview.”
The channel now has over 10 million subscribers, driven primarily by a viral video of Ryan reviewing a hundred toys at once. It is titled “100+ cars toys GIANT EGG SURPRISE OPENING Disney Pixar Lightning McQueen kids video Ryan ToysReview”.
Ryan’s popularity makes perfect sense. He’s got every small kid’s dream job, opening toys and playing with them, day after day. He’s smiley, too, totally nonthreatening to parents and children alike
The channel was described by Verge as “a mash-up of personal vlog and “unboxing” video, a blend of innocent childhood antics and relentless, often overwhelming consumerism.”
Many videos include Ryan doing things other than playing with toys. They show him going to get a haircut, playing hide and seek in a hotel and attending his twin siblings’ birthday party.
Other parents have left scores of messages on Ryan’s YouTube channel, thanking him and his parents, saying their kids sometimes watch his videos for hours a day.