Ample quantity of medicines available for HIV/AIDS patients

LAHORE: The Punjab AIDS Control Programme will open a new center for HIV/AIDS patients, Programme Director Punjab AIDS Control Programme Dr Asim Altaf said here in a meeting on Thursday.

The director said that the PACP was taking all out measures for treatment of patients and ample quantity of anti retroviral medicines was available for patients at all PACP centers. The Programme provides anti-retroviral medicines, counseling and testing services to all patients in Punjab.

In order to assure the availability of services across the province, the Programme is all set to open a new center in Jalalpur Jattan and arrangements are almost in place.

Minister Primary and Secondary Healthcare Khawaja Imran Nazir inaugurated the HIV Treatment Center in Chiniot last week.

The center located in DHQ Chiniot provides counseling and treatment facilities to patients there.

The Programme director said: “The PACP is working under the Primary and Secondary Healthcare department and has set up 15 treatment centers and 11 voluntary confidential, counseling and testing centers (VCCT) in the province that provide free services to patients across the province”.


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KARACHI: Around 80 per cent of people suffering from thyroid problems are women, said Prof. Dr. Tasnim Ahsan, Dean Faculty of Endocrinology, College of Physicians and Surgeon.

Prof. Dr. Tasnim Ahsan said normal thyroid function is essential for health. A deficiency of thyroxine leads to slowing of all body processes and weight gain, she added.

Thyroxine deficiency is easily treatable. Auto-immunity (a failure of the body’s immune system) is another common cause of goitre and thyroid dysfunction. Iodized salt should be used regularly as Pakistan is an area of iodine insufficiency, which may lead to the development of goitres, she added.