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Expert seeks affordable medical treatment for commoners

KARACHI: A clarion call was made to make the medical treatment and related investigations affordable for the masses across the country.

The call came at the 40th annual conference of Pakistan Association of Pathologists (PAP) that began at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT) Thursday.

Professor Adib Rizvi, founder Director of the Institute in his keynote address highlighted the prevailing disparity being experienced in every segment of developing world.

Dedicating his presentation to late Prof. Javed Kazi, he said the rampant disparity was causing hardship to the large majority of population.

“This is frequently manifested through restricted access of people to avail basic amenities of life including health,” said Prof.  Rizvi.

Discussing his own philosophy that “health is a birth right of every individual” he said the root cause of prevailing disparity is massive economic exploitation.

Prof. Rizvi pointed out disparity of resources has increased as 80 per cent of the global population comprising developing world is suffering because all the resources are owned by a small group of 20 per cent developed world.

He called upon the pathologists community to carry out a crusade in their medical research based on solid foundation to meet the challenges of future and extend the cover of meaningful medical care.

He on the occasion also gave a detailed presentation on the activities of SIUT as an institution of special medical care for last 45 years.

Dr. Rizwan Naeem, Professor of Molecular Pathology at Albert Einstien College of Medicine New York gave the Razi lecture mentioning that the Muslim scientist Al Razi focused on molecular and genetic screening especially for cancer patients.

President of Pakistan Association of Pathologist Dr. Farida Naseer who declared conference open said the field of pathology is surging ahead in the world of medical sciences.

She mentioned that PAP formed in 1976 with 18 pathologists has currently turned into a strong professional body with no less than twenty thousand qualified pathologists as its members.  Dr. Mohammad Mubarak chairman scientific committee introduced Dr.  Rizwan Naeem. Dr. Sabiha Anis and Dr. Khawar Abbas also spoke at the inaugural session.

Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee, Professor Mirza Naqi Zafar in his welcome address highlighted relevance of the theme, “70 years of Pathology in Pakistan.”

“The three-day conference is being attended by over seventy practicing pathologists from within the country and abroad,” he said.

The working sessions and workshops of the conference was said to discuss various branches of pathology including microbiology, immunology, histopathology, infectious diseases, transplantation, hematology and genetics.