PMLN hails SC verdict to dismiss NAB plea to reopen Hudaibiya Paper Mills case

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk): Federal State Minister for Interior affairs Talal Choudhry has hailed the Supreme court verdict to dismiss National Accountability Bureau plea to reopen Hudaibiya Paper Mills case.

“I have always said this, the courts should stay away from cases motivated by political gains. Today’s decision by Pakistan’s top court translates into a victory for the courts, as it protects and restores the courts’ dignity,” he said.

Asked if the decision was a positive development for his party, the PML-N leader said he feels it is a neutral decision because there was nothing to the case from the start.

“[Such] cases are politically motivated. [Hudaibiya] case could not even stand its ground during the black era of Musharraf.”

He reiterated that courts should not take up cases motivated by political gains, since it went against their dignity.

“As a political worker, I’d say this: the courts and institutions should stay away from political matters so that their dignity is maintained,” he remarked

SC dismisses NAB’s plea to reopen Hudaibiya Paper Mills case

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk): Supreme court of Pakistan has dismissed the National Accountability Bureau to reopen Hudaibiya Paper Mills case.

The bench is headed by Justice Mushir Alam and comprised Justices Qazi Faez Isa and Mazhar Alam Miankhel. After around four hearings of NAB’s appeal, the court announced its judgment today.

The Rs1.2 billion Hudaibiya Paper Mills case, involving money laundering charges against the Sharif family, was initiated by NAB in 2000 but quashed by the Lahore High Court (LHC) in 2014. The NAB had appealed the LHC decision in the Supreme Court.

As the hearing began today, NAB counsel Imranul Haq stated that the LHC decision has flaws and sought the reopening of the Hudaibiya case so that legal responsibilities are fulfilled.

He informed the bench further that Senator Ishaq Dar, on whose ‘confession’ NAB initiated the reference in 2000, submitted an apology in court.

Justice Isa remarked that the statement on which the case is based has not been attached to the documents by NAB.

Similarly, Justice Alam observed that if Dar’s statement is taken out of the case, then his status will be that of an accused, adding that he [Dar] has not been made a respondent in the case.