APS martyrs gave their blood for peace in Pakistan: CM

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that savage killers made the innocent students of Army Public School Peshawar a victim of their worst ever barbarianism on December 16, 2014 and due to the blood of these innocent children, the whole nation stood up united in the war against terrorism and wonderful successes were achieved due to the consensus decisions in this war. As a result, the peace has been restored in the motherland today.

In his message issued on the 3rd anniversary of martyrs of Army Public School Peshawar, the Chief Minister said that teachers as well as the students of APS Peshawar have had rendered a great sacrifice of their lives for the achievement of a great purpose and written a new history of bravery and valor. The martyred teachers and the children are the heroes of the whole nation and they will remain so forever. The nation is still saddened over the martyrdom of innocent children in APS tragedy and the great sacrifice of the APS martyrs will never be forgotten by the nation.

The Chief Minister said the nation got peace due to the blood shed by the martyrs and the APS children have written the history with their blood for a secure and peaceful Pakistan. He vowed that the blood debt of the martyred children will be paid by completely eradicating the country from the terrorists. He expressed the satisfaction that after Operation Zarb-e-Azb, the backbone of the terrorists has been broken through the Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad. We will not sit idle till nipping the menace of terrorism from the bud, he added. He said that establishment of a Pakistani society based on the societal norms of tolerance and broadmindedness is our mission and added that this goal will be achieved. The whole nation is paying rich tributes to the immortal sacrifices of APS Peshawar’s martyrs and all our sympathies are with the families of the martyrs, concluded the Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Punjab Shebaz Sharif on Friday said that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s Panama Papers case and Imran Khan’s disqualification case are similar but the judgment differed in both the cases.  He added that space for a review petition does exist in the verdict passed by the Supreme Court in Imran Khan’s case. “The Supreme Court gave its judgment, look at the Panama case and this [Imran Khan’s] case, both cases have a lot of similarities,” said Shehbaz.  The chief minister also said that it is their legal right to expose the loopholes and file a review petition.
Shehbaz’s remarks come after the Supreme Court disqualified Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Secretary General Jahangir Tareen but ruled in favour of PTI Chairperson Imran Khan in its judgment on the disqualification case against the two party leaders. The chief minister was speaking to a private to channel.  Further criticising Imran, Shehbaz said the PTI leader is surrounded by those who are “corrupt from head to toe”.

He also said that Jahangir Tareen benefited from the offshore company and PTI’s president in Lahore, Aleem Khan, is “a master in taking over lands illegally”. “He [Imran] has benefitted from thieves,” said the younger Sharif brother.Shehbaz added that Imran has “wasted the people’s time” and is the master of sit-ins and rallies.

The chief minister also took aim at PTI’s governance in KP and said that Imran had claimed that KP would produce enough electricity that it would supply the rest of the country; yet, KP has not added a “single megawatt of electricity”.