Dalai Lama introduces iPhone app

Tibet (Monitoring Desk): Spiritual leader Dalai Lama has introduced his own Iphone app to keep his followers updated.

 Dalai Lama launched a free iPhone App called “Dalai Lama” aimed at keeping his followers updated with his travel plans, teachings and the latest news regarding him.

The 82-year-old spiritual leader has a twitter account with over 16 million followers and more than a 1000 tweets.

He has been a big fan of digital media since joining it back in 2009.

The app, launched merely 2 days ago, has quickly gained popularity amongst his followers with a sharp increase in downloads.

In 2013, the Roman Catholic Church released a confession app for its users to keep a track of their sins. In Africa, religious apps have had an increase as well.

Recently, an app was launched where people could make donations, find where the closest church was and where certain priests could be found.

The version of the Dalai Lama app is only available on iOS.