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Mozilla launches new ‘Firefox Focus’

Mozilla has launched a smartphone browser called Firefox Focus which received rave reviews from users. Now Mozilla has introduced a new feature for quickly accessing the most visited websites and any search engine to the Focus application.

Firefox has introduced a new feature that gives a faster way to access websites. This feature allows the browser to autocomplete the website address. Hence the user doesn’t have to type the full URL of the most visited websites.

If you type some of the keywords, the browser will automatically suggest you websites by displaying a drop-down menu with what you had typed before.

Autocomplete mode can be enabled or disabled manually.

To do so:

  • Tap on the Firefox menu icon
  • Tap “Settings”
  • Choose “URL Autocomplete”
  • Click on the dialogue box next to the option
  • Tap the back arrow to save your changes ”

Additionally, now users can add up search engines in Firefox. Now that Mozilla has ad blocker and tracker blocker this means that users will be able to enjoy better speeds of the internet and will be more secure.

The Focus would make browsing super simple and more secure than ever.


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