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PM Abbasi expresses confidence about the future of PMLN

Muzaffarabad (Monitoring Desk): Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has expressed confidence about the future of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz and predicted that PMLN will win the next general elections.

“We are not afraid of any conspiracy. We have come with the power of the people and Allah willing the same power will again return the PML-N to power on July 15, 2018,” he said in his speech at the inauguration ceremony of the 147-megawatt Patrind hydropower project here.

The project has been completed by a South Korean company at a cost of $346 million.

“We are not political orphans. The record of our government stands out. We do not need support in this regard,” the prime minister added.

“These days I am coming across speculations over whether or not the government will complete its term. I have a submission for these gentlemen. Please carry on your wheeler-dealer ways; the government will complete its term till June 1 and [until then] every week a new mega project will be inaugurated,” he said.

“Then, whoever wants to fight us should do so in the electoral field on July 15, 2018,” he added.

The prime minister said the people of Pakistan knew very well “who has been delivering and who has just been gossiping about others”.

“We have never abused or defamed anyone; nor have we ever raised hollow slogans. We have shown our performance on the ground,” he asserted.

He listed one by one several sectors where, according to him, the PML-N government had delivered to the satisfaction of the masses.

“Today you visit any province or city, you will find the PML-N projects,” he said.

Referring to the energy sector, he claimed that Pakistan was now self-sufficient in electricity. “There is no doubt that now our capacity to produce electricity is more than our demand, not only in winter, but also in summer.