Priyanka Chopra will receive hefty amount for five-minute performance

(Monitoring Desk) – Priyanka Chopra will be reportedly receiving a hefty amount for doing a five-minute performance at an award show.

The Bollywood actor will feature in Zee Cine Awards where she will amaze the crowd with her dance performance that will last for only five minutes. The award ceremony will be held on December 19.

Indian reports claimed that she will receive INR 4-5 crore for her dazzling performance at the Zee Cine Awards. This is not the first time that the Quantico star has asked for hefty fee to perform at the award shows.

According to reports, she was also paid ridiculously high for her performance in IIFA awards during 2016 held in New York.

Previously, the 35-year-old was honoured with international Mother Teresa Memorial award for her amazing social work. The actress got the award for her services toward social issues including her latest visit to Syria, where she heard the problems of Syrian refugee children and also communicated with them.

Priyanka Chopra had topped the list of 50 Sexiest Asian Women. The list titled “50 Sexiest Asian Women” in 2017 was released by London-based weekly newspaper Eastern Eye in which the Quantico actor topped for the fifth time. She became the sexiest Asian alive, beating Deepika Padukone, Mahira Khan and others.

On winning the title, she said, “I cannot actually take credit for this at all … full credit should be given to my genetics and your optics … I feel grateful and am humbled. Consistency is key.”