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Country will believe in the supremacy of law if red warrant is issued against Musharraf

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk): Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif daughter Maryam Nawaz has said that country will believe in the supremacy of law if red warrant is issued against Musharraf. She was referring to the decision of National Accountability Bureau to bring back Finance Minister Ishaq Dar through Interpol.

In a tweet posted on Sunday, Maryam expressed anger over National Accountability Bureau’s decision to issue red notice against Senator Ishaq Dar, who has served as the country’s finance minister. She said Dar was also the one who took the country’s stock market to new heights.

Maryam said Dar has been held accountable despite his initiatives for the country, but she added no one has dared to issue a red warrant against General (retd) Pervez Musharraf, whom the entire nation considers their enemy. According to Maryam, it should be Musharraf who should be brought back through Interpol.

On December 14, NAB decided to issue a red notice for Dar, according to a notification issued by the accountability department.

An executive board meeting, headed by NAB Chairperson Javed Iqbal, decided to bring Dar back to Pakistan with the help of the Interpol.

The PML-N leader is currently receiving medical treatment in London.

“He is suffering from no such ailment that cannot be treated in Pakistan,” the NAB notification states.

Dar is accused of possessing assets disproportionate to his declared sources of income.