Donald Trump in Asia

Latif Butt

South East Asia and countries embedded with pacific sea have great significant for America. The importance of up-mention sentence can be assessed by this thing that for the first time in the history any president of America visited this region for 14 days. Trump coined a term “Indo-pacific” for this strategy. He visited Japan, South Korea, china, Vietnam and Philippine. He met with chines president chi jinping, Russian president Putin, Japanese Prime Minister Shanzy abay, Indian Prime Minister Narindr moddi and other leaders of this region. On this occasion president Donald trump address to ASSEAN, East Asia Conference and pacific economic cooperation.
American president in this visit did comprehensive talks on North Korea to Syria with these leaders and besides this president Donald trump gave vent to his new American policy which he named “America First”. American president have complaints with China and Japan and other countries on trade deficit and in fellowship of his election agenda president got separation form “Trans pacific Trade Agreement .which is not acceptable for the region. President trump in this visit did different agreements which amount to 300 billion dollars. Most of these agreements related energy sector and this is a vital step for trade. President trump considered this region “his zone of influence” former president Obama used “pivot” for this and trump use “Indo-pacific”.
North Korea is also situated in this region and has only one ally, China, it is not only headache for all world but also losing his only his ally due to its hooliganism. President trump named North Korean leader Kim Jong “Rocket man”, because he threatens the entire world by experiment of atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb. Japan is directly in these missiles range, two ballistic missiles flew over japan and fell into sea.
In the first phase of his visit president trump reached at Tokyo which is capital of japan. Japan is second biggest power of this region and third biggest economy of the world. President met with premier of japan who is very powerful. It is pertinent to mention here that japan is powerful ally of American in this region. On this level economic policy is important to discuss on this level. In this meeting most important thing was that America has given japan latest arsenals and arms and ammunition to cope with every kind of circumstances. Besides this president trump said if japan wanted to become autonomous in making an army America has no objection on it. In this region china and japan has great high tension. This is tension is not only on two islands but also on all levels. China always wishes that japan must pursue its “peace policy” and avoid army empowerment notions. On the other hand America persists to make japan an army autonomous land.
On this occasion America offer japan and South Korea to buy latest weapons from her, besides this there were discussions on America and Japan’s trade. In the past on tussle on trade America has suffered 69 billion dollars deficit annually. It is pertinent to mention here that japan is biggest exporter of cars in America its price amount to 48 billion dollars. American president time and again said this thing that friendship and animosity doesn’t allow America to face deficit in regard. In this region japan is vital because it is considered china’s competitor and in Indian ocession Japanese Navy’s existence is note able. Secondly, japan is part of All trade agreement of south east Asia and pacific Asia.
In this region North Korea and South Korea have tussle, America is South Korea’s ally and china is North Korea’s ally. In cold war Soviet Union was North Korea’s ally .president trump did one night stay at South Korea. The increasing threat of atomic war is constant threat now. To cope with this threat South Korea “erected modern American defense system” named “Thad”. In this process the sole purpose of president trump is that he wanted to gather his allies and he seems successful till now.
President trump was greeted warmly in China, Chinese president regarded it “visit plus”. In response trump regarded Chinese president “marvelous like king”. This meeting recalls the memory of presidents of America and China which was held in 1972. This time president shi jin ping has proven himself an iron man and strived so hard that he has been recognized as “founding Father” of communist party. That is why he said,” Now it is the time when China leads the world”. According to critics China is only one competitor of America. America is facing 310 billion dollars deficit and both countries signed agreement of 250 billion dollars. These agreements are concerned with motor industries. American president on this eve persists China that she can increase pressure on North Korea. Now we can see overwhelming of diplomacy in president trump’s behavior.
In Vietnam president trump met with local leaders, besides this he addresses council of economic conference. Then he met with Russian president Putin. In this meeting a pact was agreed on Syrian situation. American and Russian air forces played a vital role in abating the impact of ISIS or Daesh. But in fact the issue is on the verge where it was started. Syria suffers a lot and lost half million lives and about 10 million people are migrants. Anyhow, this is a positive step of America and Russia, but all participants seems somewhere in opposition, world is waiting for positive outcome from these rendezvous’ of world leaders.

The writer is a practicing lawyer at Lahore high court and student of MSc development journalism at Punjab university. He tweets @m_latifbutt.