Yes! We remember

Khurram Aniq Ahmed Khan

Yes. We remember the day of 16th December. We recall this as the black day in the history of Pakistan. 16th December is a date which directed Pakistan to two heartbreaking instances which will be recollected for lifetime.
First episode was the departure of East Pakistan in 1971. It was no doubt a big damage to Pakistan and we immobile are fronting its belongings. East Pakistan is Bangladesh of now. Once it was used to be share of Pakistan. But in the war of 1971 with India, it got unglued from Pakistan. People of Pakistan who had to stay there in Bangladesh are today having no liberty to live independently. They are still facing many problems in living. They are being killed and tortured from the very first day.

Second episode took place just 3 years back. In 2014, 16th December wasn’t a usual morning for Pakistan. It took lives of many children of Pakistan. Yes! I am debating about attack on Army Public School Peshawer by terrorists. Almost 6 terrorists entered the school and killed more than 150 children.

The most disastrous incident in the history of Pakistan it is. Many parents lost their children that day. Those parents are still seeing for their children to come back home from school. But they won’t come again.
16th December 2014 is the day, when we had those black clouds on Pakistan. Terrorists from athwart the border entered Pakistan and did mammoth damage on the name of terrorism.

No Pakistani can forget this. 16th December is back again. It has come to us again with the remembrances of the past. Those martyred children are calling us again to recall them on this day. This day has come over again to challenge us. It has come to us again to say that we were inept to protect our children from terrorists. The day has come again.

On that day, every mother sent their children to the school like a regular day without any fear. They were uninformed of the fact that they won’t see their children again. They were heedless of the fact that they are kissing forehead of their children for the last time. They didn’t know that they will get the white shirts of the uniform filled with the blood of their children. That day humanity was murdered in Army Public School in Peshawer.

How long will we have to face all this? Not only APS peshawer, many other educational institutes were beleaguered on name of terrorism before. But we are not learning any lesson from it.

Our enemies took avenge from our children. They took 150 innocent lives for the revenge. What are we doing and what we did? Sorry to say but we aren’t doing anything for those children except of just remembering them on that date.

16th December is back again. We shall not only remember them on this day but we should work to evade such situations in the future. Pakistan cannot afford more such recompenses. We, the public now have to take some serious steps to make our Pakistan a strong and a terrorism free country.

The massacre that happened on 16 December shocked the nation in its entirety and we promised to never forget and forgive the killers of our children. But alas, we forgot and forgave.