Facebook deletes accounts on the directions of Israeli and US government

San Francisco (Monitoring Desk): Pulitzer winner Glenn Greenwald has exposed the world largest social media giant Facebook censorship policy as the social media giant has deleted the accounts on the directions of Israeli and United States government.

Facebook Authorities met the most extremist pro settlement minister Ayelet Shaked in September last year in Israel, where he threatened the Facebook officials to delete accounts of several Palestinians who demonstrates protests against Israel otherwise ready for heavy fine or even blockage in Israel.

Israeli sends posts to Facebook that they considers against the interest of Israel and in response Facebook deleted these posts and accounts.

Chinese messenger app WeChat dismisses the reports of storing user’s chat

Beijing (Monitoring Desk): Chinese messenger app WeChat has dismissed the report of storing user’s chat history.

Earlier a Chinese businessman alleged the social media giant that it is storing the chat history of its users.

WeChat authorities have now clarified that we are not storing the chat histories of users. It is only stored in users mobile, computers and other terminals.

WeChat is not using users chat for big data analysis. However the company is bound to give data to government on its request. Amnesty International has ranked the chines social media giant at 11 spot in terms of user privacy and data breaches.