Children Literature Festival to be held in Walled City from Jan 12

Lahore: The Children Literature Festival (CLF), a Three-day activity-packed event specifically designed for children is going to be held at various heritage sites across the Walled City of Lahore from 12th to 14th January.

Revealing the details of literary festival being held in collaboration between the CLF and the WCLA, Ms Baela Jamil, Founder CLF, said that Lahore was a city steeped in heritage and culture and they want to highlight the historical aspects during the CLF. She further said that this event will help nurture and multiply children’s love for stories, storytelling, creativity, and reading.

Commenting on the event, Mr Kamran Lashari said, “It has been a great pleasure collaborating with the CLF team to help create this amazing event for all Lahoris. We are confident that it will provide a source of much entertainment and education for all, and hope to continue this collaboration well into the future.”

This year’s Festival is structured around the theme of ‘Celebrating Peace, Heritage, and 70 Years of Pakistan’ and seeks to highlight Pakistan’s cultural treasure trove. The sessions at CLF Walled City will be held simultaneously in 14 heritage sites from the Delhi Gate to Asif Jah Haveli – including locations all along the Shahi Guzargah.

The Festival will encapsulate various activities, including digital learning, arts and crafts, storytelling through music, puppetry, and interactive theater workshops along with traditional art forms, especially tile making, clay work, and fresco painting.

Renowned writers, poets, artists, educationists, and singers and musicians from across the country will be contributing their time and knowledge for the children of Lahore as part of the event. Participants include luminaries such as Zubeida Mustafa, Rumana Husain, Ameena Saiyid, Adeel Hashmi, Arfa Sayeda Zehra, Faisal Bari, Mushraf Ali Farooqi, and Basarat Kazim.

The Festival is being supported by organisations such as UNESCO, the Oxford University Press, the British Council, Allied Bank, the Baber Ali Foundation, the Beaconhouse School System, and the Lahore Grammar School to help promote a message of peace and heritage and love for literature. The District Education Authority of Lahore has also lent its full support engaging the maximum number of school-going children for the event.