Enigma of Our Society

Muhammad Waqar Aslam

As we are nation suffering from callous incidents in routine we became used to it and do not bother any deplorable incident no mental pressure is exerted on us by any condemnable incident we do projection by objurgating and exhibiting ourselves the person having pinnacle of morale but internally it does not matter that what wrecking has happened to someone. We should not forget that an unimportant coal suffers pressure and hardest days to be the most precious and rare diamond. We are more concerned and sticky to our personal problems If eve’s daughter has gone through misery merely solacing her is not the shelter stake holder will have to stay with her on practical ground so that conclusion shall come out to prevail justice. The moment when a piece of meat enters into the mouth of a beast, full of lust and disguised as a human, the cannibal awakes and begins to devise and strategize new ploys for the entanglement of the national fabric. Though the trap is a masterpiece in itself but the discredit due to be given to then sheer multilateral incoherence amongst the organs of government. Resultantly, no matter whatsoever, the targets of blood shedding, invariably, got the better of the Law Enforcing Agencies especially in the past.

Caught in the net of claims and counter claims, the burning issue of national security got neglected totally. And we witnessed blasts frequently. It might not be a matter of absolute concern for the administration mechanism installed as per the status quo. the concatenation of fierce slanging matches is still going on in the pretext of self-justification of the party interest, the national morale is getting more and more prone to De stability. We as Muslim at multiple times exclaim to follow sunnah of Rehmat ullil Alameen (PBUH) but actually we are hypocrite we enchant to be his Aashiq but practically we do not follow his teachings. Ataraxia shall be made an ease because Mehboob e Khuda has always discouraged extremism, hatred and bigotry.

In such a tough time, we saw that the real saviors of Pakistan kept on rendering their services and has once again proved us, Pakistanis, to be the pioneer of antiterrorist activities. We are decisive and exclaiming the truth adopting yardsticks rather being panicked and doing things in fury. Menacing mishaps are being witnessed Recently the Dera Ghazi Khan incident in which the girl was made naked publicly by influential people and PTI’s Honey holder Ali Amin pur is allegedly involved in it. In Sindh Police tortured families maltreated them without considering women esteem. Multan Police beaten up the old couple grasping them and hitting them inhumanely. Our conundrum is that we are extensive in benchmarking Public is versatile in analysis even in traffic blockade they are eagerly motivated to give their comments on political affairs. We tend to speak more focused on discussion presenting ourselves that we have more knowledge than them It is really such a vicious activity being carried out by us We shall do healthy debate instead spreading venom against public figures. The correlation between democracy and the existence of individual liberty is extremely high people are in need of repelling each other most often.

I have observed behaviors of society to be insensitive these ridiculous attitudes are inflicting lives and making palpitation to extreme level cursing is not the ritual of developed countries .Many vulnerable people have become the victims and made obscure decisions due to fear of malicious remarks of society due to which they ruined their lives. People in our eastern society are imposing their ideologies and patterns that is exacerbating the grievances. No Edifier will come from foreign neither someone from us can be flaunting him herself as human rights activist they can only make documentaries sell them and get fame internationally as Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy never helped the victims whom she covered in documentaries recorded their stories poor victims are still suffering and are helpless. Hoaxing is their agenda. Social dilemma has to tackled with intense care. We have to woke up unless & until it gets too late Our portrayed image in the world is gloomy because of our malice to each other as a nation we are not growing up we are in dire need to integrate and act concretely extirpating all the hindrance in development.