Holistic efforts for peace

Muhammad Ali Zafar Naqvi

The inception, ostensibly, is the root cause in the dictionary of the sage; every little step forward is accredited to the genesis. Be it as insignificant as the crackers concatenation at the Allama Iqbal town, Lahore or the brutal discriminatory bombing at the Quetta Church, this all has its roots deep down in the annals of history yet to be unraveled.
The government and the Law Enforcing Agencies, undoubtedly, are alive and kicking at least after the crucifixion of the APS students. Therefore, two things need to be concluded that extremists possess apt strategic skills and have precise targets which enable them to get the better of the Executive.
Although this is no more taken shockingly, the grave problem is still one of the most malicious threats to the peaceable political existence of Pakistan. Not constant but continual blasts with few casualties are deemed pretty much tolerable not only by the government but also by the public; this entirely is queerly unprecedented national behavior. Such a collective disposition is in itself a national offence. No life is less important. Sanctity of life is devalued by relative evaluation of the peace situation. Even though the army is taking charge of the aggrieved areas but the question of the questions is that how long will this high alert presume. Despite investing in all the manners, complete satisfactory results are waited for long. In a pattern similar to that of the conventional politicians, the promises of annihilating terrorism are being telecasted too boot. Further, it is deplorably observed that alleged confessions have come to light. It holds that the media is dictated to present the incidents in an amicable manner lest the masses flare up and riots would further mess the already dismal law and order situation; however, the administration has been unable to comprehend a simple truth that truth will be out. Had temporary shutdown of the private news channels been the suitable remedy, this practice would have been continually practiced all across the world.
Factual Analysis might prove that the numbers of casualties are now less in figures but attention needs to focus at the hibernation which is likely to activate as soon as a red- alert is called off. History bears an ample testimony to the fact that extension of the palliatives can never serve as a hardcore remedy. It will falter sooner or later and its demise would halt the rolling stone instantly.
The international media raises a big question mark at the security conditions of Pakistan. Yet, in fact, this no longer is a lie that despite vigilance of the various intelligence agencies and armed forces at all the levels, formidable peace situation could not be maintained at the local and international level; anyhow, same is the case with the European zone. Today, as per Reuters, many foreign militants have fled to the regions adjacent to Iraq as the mission clean sweep is on its summit in Iran and its outskirts. Blaming and Counter-Blaming the liability of the Paris attacks and many recent bombings is futile, all the states must admit that terrorism is neither the legacy of any nation-state nor is it facilitated by the religious doctrines. The existence of threat is undeniable and fighting it tooth and nail is the last resort. Anyhow, those who raise fingers at the national solidarity of Green flag must be familiar with the contributions we always have deemed to promote peace and religious harmony. The so-called torch bearers of the Greater global interests might be in a better position to criticize other states once they could satisfy the concerned hoi polloi regarding several global conspiracy theories; it would warmly be received by the masses as the new year gift. Whereas the Pakistani lead role in the global crises is talked about, leading man power at the UN peace keeping missions dispatched and the triumphant anti-terrorist missions are pertinent testimonies to the subject in question. We ought to anticipate that lending hands, capable of many resources, must be drawn forward towards all the nations striving to uproot terrorism.
Although the breeding grounds of terrorism are geographically proximal to Pakistan, the portable shelters of extremists are prevalent in the whole world. The more ways are devised to tackle the chaotic situations, the more evasive methods get evolved by the terror mongers in order to wriggle free from the international peace keepers. Cyber-aid is fatal. Many movies and documentaries are aired in the name of creating awareness. But these sensational ideas of yellow-journalism are rendering damage beyond imagination. Terrorists range all across the world. In Mark’s diction, they may be classified as have and have-nots. Technologically advanced extremists have sophisticated and fool-proof plans to be executed. Apart from religious bias, this is spreading terrorism education in the pretext of public awareness. These movies are educating the conventional extremists by making them prone to innovative blast techniques and disastrous plans. The need of the hour is to counter such a massive threat. If blasphemous content can be removed from the internet by the dint of masses’ high-level protest then such alarming videos and contents must also be blocked at the earliest. Those who stand in the name of Holy Prophet, the preacher of humanity, must be in the front row of sit-ins for the safeguard of humanity at large, since this is in alignment with the teachings of the Gracious Muhammad (PBUH).