With pricey electric car, Fisker eyes comeback

Las Vegas (APP):Henrik Fisker unveiled his $129,000 electric luxury car Tuesday, in a rebooted effort by the renowned auto designer to take on Tesla and other luxury automakers.
The Fisker EMotion, which made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is part of a comeback effort for Henrik Fisker, a former BMW and Aston Martin designer whose first venture was halted in 2013 after selling only a few thousand vehicles.
This time, the company Fisker Inc. is pulling out all the stops for the vehicle, designed with butterfly doors and a sleek sportscar look, semi-autonomous driving, and a range of some 400 miles (650 kilometers) on a single charge.
The car, which is still two years from deliveries, “is a new take on the future of a luxury sedan,” Fisker told AFP on the CES show floor.
Fisker said the features such as the extended driving range “will make even people sitting on the fence (about electric cars) look at it.”
The new effort nonetheless faces an uphill battle in an industry where Tesla is showing rapid growth and other rivals from major automakers to startups — including one other making a debut at the tech show — are producing new electric cars.
Fisker is also working on its own battery technology aimed at improving range and speeding the charging time.
He hopes to have a charging system that can enable an extra 125 miles in nine minutes.
The company is also working on a solid state battery that Fisker maintained could achieve a full charge in one minute.