America in the doldrums

Muhammad Waqar Aslam

Oh Mr. Trump is really Relegating Pakistan? American President Donald Trump has deterred the mood of New Year by his imbecile statements; his outrageous tweets ruined the celebrations and sentiments of Pakistanis got hurt. Uncle Sam has always been the master mind of creating mess agitation and chaos. CIA has always the mission of combating peace and managing alarming situation in the whole world by Planting its scams and agents who uplifts the destability. World leaders outside the American bubble are still having their realities adjusted whilst lying down in a darkened room with a cold compress on their foreheads. Trump’s administration stance is pivotal to Pakistan’s regional interests. Pakistan want to give you answers with my overwhelmingly wrenched heart your enormous non-seriousness and bullying Pakistan on the eve of New Year is absolutely pathetic.

Retaliation is an act which is the last resort at few accords. Keeping in view the derogation of the national dignity; the government is anticipated to stand firm for the self-respect of Pakistan and themselves curtail the reception of aid as a sign of honor. The fact of the matter is that it isn’t only muscle flexing since we are equipped with the geographical location for which all the powers across the annals of history have been desirous merely does not qualify as a cliché, centuries bear ample testimony to this blessing. Furthermore, in the age of neo modernism, the concept of omnipotence in the global hegemony has become obsolete. Now, if a door gets closed than two other will be opened more widely. It is anticipated that as the two communist states have also been in a bid to strengthen relations with Pakistan, so gaining aid would not be problem.

The main tribulation is the sword which is hanging upon the neck of American conceit; the moment Russia takes charge of the Afghan outlet from Balochi border for which they have been yearning for, American hold on the region will incept to disappear. Money cannot accommodate anything that has caused scathe or mollified the prestige of very self-independent homeland. The rising favoritism towards India and bestowing gifts on it meanwhile ignoring the sacrifices of Pakistan is condemnable because Pakistan has rendered its help to U. S whenever it needed and The Aid which they gave in return has no match with the favors Pakistan did for The States. It is not Pakistan which is in the doldrums. However, infringement American access to the Afghanistan will revolutionize the global politics and this could possible cause the end of super power status for American republic. America expanding liaison with China and Russia unexpectedly because it is going through crises and has to counter the dangerous results. American Vice President Mike Pence while his visit to Bagram airfield Afghanistan said Pakistan is put on notice by Donald Trump and he enchanted hate speech against Pakistan maligning it as the soil of terrorists. Such discourse of hatred in the name of Afghan Policy is really scornful for the people of soil who gave their fidelity fighting against terrorist groups.

While I discussed this matter of disgrace with Distinguished Professor Muhammad Wasim Ch who is serving as Principal Gov. College for boys Kahna, Lahore He said that there should have been some will power by our indurate leadership Trump’s statements tweets or accusations were needing quick reaction and concrete answers. Pakistan has never disguised anything and has gave immense sacrifice while going through perilous outcomes and still suffering from the ferociousness of terrorist attacks Pakistan fought with its full force against terrorism. The Statements came to confront Trump’s allegation has come from COAS though such valor shall be exhibited by top Leadership of the country at first and then to be endorsed by our military to give strong message to conspicuous country. Donald Trump is said to be feverish person but He is actually considered as very wise man as per the survey carried out in US. Pakistan remained surreptitious; it dealt with the hardest battles but remained persistent in hiding its sorrows and pains. the fire is placed by U.S for Pakistan in the name of “War on Terror” which is still high and is not thought to be coped up or get placid, it gets to slow but rises up again with more outrageous devastation. Impeccant Citizens are facing the music. There come death tolls up rearing and escalating to boot.