Trouble on all sides

Arooj Baig

Pakistan is going through a crucial and critical dilemma on the facet of international affairs viz a viz internal political upheaval. Taking one side to elucidate, The US-Pakistan relationship is on the verge of down-and-out. America is standing on strictly opponent and hostile of Pakistan now a day. The ‘Donald Trump’ president of United States has been in try to play his trump card finally to win the contest. After his presidency he started targeting the Muslim community and especially became hostile of Pakistan.

Simultaneously, serious and critical issues are being mounted by Mr. Trump according to his sanity and wisdom. Last year in winter season American President Donald Trump banned the entry of seven muslim countries in US. This thing triggered shock and confusion among those whose relatives were settled in America. Trump’s order follows through on one of his most controversial campaign promises to subject travelers from Muslim-majority countries to “extreme vetting” which he declared would make America safe from “radical Islamic terrorists.”
Furthermore, A couple of month ago he aggravated entire Muslim community by his illogical decision to make the Jerusalem capital of Israel. This created a great hue and cry; the protesters across the Muslim world took to the streets to denounce the decision. This move of Donald trump to recognize the Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was greatly criticized even in the US and other Muslim countries.

If we see internally from the US the president Donald trump is not much accepted president. There were held great agitations when Donald Trump happened to get presidency of US. The most of the US public was not accepting his presidency. Ostensibly this will not bad to say US president is disguised dictator in name of democrat.
Recently, from the white house a book ‘Fire & Fury ‘was released. In which they have declared a doubt regarding the mental health of President Donald Trump. He tried his best to stop publishing this book but that went publish before the declared time so trump could not do anymore for stopping this book.

So we can say that these insane decisions and actions being taken by Donald trump are not to consider that worthwhile because of his mental health disorders. This is mere a try to remain active in international scenario.
In the very start of year 2018, Donald Trump made a one more foreign policy decision regarding Pakistan. The administration announced it was suspending security assistance to Pakistan, on the grounds that the country is continuing to arm, assist, fund, and provide sanctuary to a wide array of Islamist militant groups that are murdering U.S. troops and their allies in Afghanistan.

On the 1st Jan 2018 Trump tweeted very furiously that:
“The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give ‘safe haven’ to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!”

So, Trump demanded to take all his debts back which they have given to Pakistan in different time spans. He has proved no more friendly policy and relationships with Pakistan by doing all these actions towards Pakistan. But vice versa he is empowering good friendship policies with India. He seems to have a soft spot for India. Just last month, he attended an elaborate charity event hosted by Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) and promised that India and the US would be “best friends” if he were president.

Trump presidency means not much more for Pakistan as he is in continuous effort to disrupt and disturb the peace and serenity of Pakistan. The political warfare within the country is weakening and shattering the position of Pakistan even on international platform. Country is seemed to be on the victimization of external and internal insurgents who just want to take over all the way.

The political instability, anarchical situation, derailed democracy, poor governance is giving pace to third element to enter and demolish the system. This is very worrying position that all political parties are just after the Seats rather to focus on the betterment of the country. Whatever is happening in the country is not goods far. You become heartedly deceased and mentally sick when you switch on your TV and happen to listen and watch the news and stories of; terrorist’s acts, the bloody hell growing rate of rape, sit-ins, agitations, political insurgency, victimization of children and youngsters, suicides, murders without guilt, and so on.
The question is this, who is caring for this homeland? Why the government and establishment are not doing any good for the betterment of the country?
Furthermore, this is humble request before all political parties to not to get envoy of each other. Issues would not resolve only by fighting for presidential or Prime Minister Seats. This will resolve by joint efforts. So please stop abusing and cursing parliament and each other. This is not the solution of any problem. Just do play your enough healthy role, wherever you are demonstrating your actions and services. Seat does not matter to do great. Everybody is equally responsible for making better and getting out of this ruptured situation. We have to internally much strong to counter all the external threats and challenges. Pakistan is not poor country by its resources, land reservoirs and by atomic power. Matter of fact is only to consider to be politically strong, considering upon good governance and proper utilization of resources.