Protecting our children

Malik Talha Liaquat

The dichotomy primitively in developing states is security regarding to infants and mature members of society according to their life style and cultural norms, values. As i conceived, child protection is not confined to just state nor society but also needed in family from their own nearby relationships to child.

There’s also fear in family to child from their next of kin, employs, drivers & caretakers etc. No one can assume the evil minds behind mysterious clowns. Intentions matter a lot while benevolence from any loved ones to child. Recently, abundant cases on child abuse, harassment filed in Kasur and other districts of Pakistan. In the first six months of 2017, 1764 cases of child abuse. Of these, about 62% occurred in Punjab. In Lahore, the first child protection unit in all of South Asia. Prohibit child marriage and corporal punishment in schools where such activities occurring by some morons for their Erotic, financial need, blackmailing, human trafficking, rivalry, vengeance, defaming and other horrible ambitions. Innocent children are making their victims & culprits are committing such offences through violation of human rights, state constitutions and breaking laws without any fear from law enforcement agencies, state, society and Al Mighty God’s punishments.

This offence is against human nature, morality, ethics and religious values. It is also injurious to child mental capabilities, psychological behavior, self- respect, emotions, reputation and also physical health through touching or fondling the genitals of a child or inducing a child to fondle an adult genitals, child molestation (with or without penetration), sodomy, rape and pornography. The increase in sexual crimes against minors also calls the attention of the legislatures and law enforcement to seriously look into existing law and procedures.

The police and the authorities should not only give preference to those cases highlighted by media, but ought to take speedy actions in every case of child abuse registered in police stations. Awareness regarding such issues should be included in the education curriculum, something that has always been rejected by [Islamic] religious factions. Now I also want to recommend that parents should look after to their children and protect them from such environment, closed affiliations to other friends’ circle and also educate them about sensitive organs. If someone tried to touch that organs except parents’ children should try to escape from such persons through shouting, crying & running. Activists demand policies and laws for the protection of minors. Disdain and protests for the rape and murder of seven-year-old Zainab.

Most of the laws relating to the protection of children are obsolete in Pakistan. The Pakistan Penal Code 1860 does not provide punishments for offences relating to child sexual abuse and does not differentiate offences which relates to children and adults. These facts necessitate the protection of children from sexual abuse. For this reason, the research question “Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Elimination in Pakistan” received attention. Recommendations for preventing and addressing issues of child sexual abuse. What we need are the comprehensive amendments in the criminal justice system of Pakistan to develop a uniform law to combat child sexual abuse. Sexual abuse of any form has never been tolerated by any religion. Islam forbids homosexual acts and declares these acts as punishable. The Holy Quran teaches that the most sinful act is the act of homo-sexuality, this is the message of God conveyed to human beings through the Holy Quran.

Child sexual abuse exists Pakistan and the incidence are much higher than generally perceived. The purpose of the study was to establish that child abuse exists and the laws available in Pakistan are not enough to combat child sexual abuse. More over the purpose of this research study is to provide the information base that will help government to formulate the necessary legislation, to develop improvements in the criminal justice system of Pakistan to deal with this problem.

The overarching responsibility is that of the state and it is the state that has to create a protective environment and provide a safety net for children who fall into vulnerable and exploitative situations Prevention measures against child sexual abuse must be improved an increased in number. The most important is the development in the criminal justice system regarding the child sexual abuse. The state cannot punish citizens without specific laws warning them that particular conduct will be dealt with by way of punishment in a particular manner. The criminal law is the strongest arm of all the normative systems of the society by which it punishes, controls, curbs and prevents crime in the society. We need a comprehensive criminal justice system in order to eliminate child sexual abuse from our society, and this object should only be achieved by awarding punishment to deter people from committing this crime and setting precedents. Child molestation should be included as an offence in the Anti- Terrorism Act, 1997.A crime free society can only be set up if every citizen irrespective of his color, creed, religion and status is provided justice and in this respect court can play a vital major role.

Media and NGO’s should play their effective roles for the elimination of such abuse. Child abuse is expected to place the subject of child abuse on the national agenda. An environment must be created wherein discussion on child abuse be initiated, the media will highlight issues. The central government, provincial governments, civil society, families and children themselves need to understand the rights perspective and together create the enabling environment wherein a child is protected from abuse and exploitation. The momentum needs to be sustained and should be carried forward in the form of a movement that will take all stakeholders along the road to sustainable development and create a protective environment for the children of Pakistan. It is unfortunate that there are no preventive mechanisms in place to ensure such violations don’t occur in the first place,” The law forbidding child labor at brick kilns, it had also not been fully enforced. Government had ignored scores of UN recommendations on children including death penalty, adolescent mental health, education and economic exploitation. Minister for Human Rights Khalil Tahir Sindhu said, “I concede that the government sometimes wrongfully interferes in civil society activities. I will convey this concern to the cabinet.”