Computers & Electronics Top News malicious Whatsapp hacking website

LAHORE: A malicious hacking url has been reported to gain popularity in Whatsapp groups. It claims that upon installation of the (fake) application, you will be able to see the contacts which have blocked you on Whatsapp.

In reality though, is a hacking malware which eventually hacks the cell phone of the user who downloads it.

The user is asked to share the link of this malicious website,, with 14 other Whatsapp contacts or 7 Whatsapp groups in order for it to be successfully operational. Government of Punjab Services & General Administration Department has issued an official notice against the illegal website.

The url type is a ‘file stealer trojan’ and its spreading mechanism is through Whatsapp message sharing. Users are strongly advised to avoid this website and spread the word against it among family and friends.


Police arrest IT experts involved in cybercrimes, ATM hacks

BAHAWALPUR: The investigation finds out disclosed that the three-member hacker gang who was found involved in hacking ATM machines of banks, had withdrawn huge money by using latest IT technology and devices.

It is being noted here that few days back, Rahim Yar Khan police had arrested three suspects from a house located in Shah Nawaz Colony in Rahim Yar Khan city and recovered laptops, computers, blank ATM  , modern IT devices and other material.

A police official on condition of anonymity told APP here that three-member hacker gang included two real brothers and another man. “Two real brothers belonged to Sadiqabad tehsil of Rahimyar Khan district while their third accomplice hailed from Faisalabad and all of them had knowledge of IT and were expert of hacking IT devices and machines,” he said.

He said that the accused who were IT experts earlier, got training of hacking ATM system at internet. “The suspect through their internet and laptops got access to ATM machine system of local banks in Rahimyar Khan and continued watching transactions between banks,” he said.