Spinal-fluid scandal: sixteen more victims emerge in Hafizabad

HAFIZABAD (Monitoring desk): At least 16 more women are likely to have fallen victim to a gang accused of extracting Spinal-fluid from ‘patients’ without their consent, to sell in black market.

Spinal-fluid of the affected women is feared to have been extracted by the gang. According to the medical superintendent of DHQ Hospital the women have been admitted to the hospital for medical tests to confirm the suspicion.

Syringe marks have been found near the spine of these women, he said.

The four-member gang comprising of three men and one woman, was busted on Monday after reports came out that it had illegally extracted Spinal-fluid of unwilling women under the false pretext of a ‘medical checkup’.

The father of a 17-year-old girl told the police that a sample had been taken from his daughter by people who claimed they were employees of a hospital and said that the Spinal-fluid was a necessary part of a medical checkup, which was required for financial assistance for the victim’s dowry.

The father said that his daughter started feeling weak after she came back home. He then reported the matter to the police, informing them about the place where his daughter’s ‘medical test’ was carried out.

Police then raided the location in Muhalla Bahawalpura and arrested the gang’s members.

“Gang members pretended to be from the DHQ hospital. The gang consists of three males and a female. We were informed by the victim’s father of her sample being taken on the promise of a dowry package being provided under a government scheme,” said SHO Hafizabad.

Meanwhile, DPO Hafizabad has announced to complete investigation into the scandal within three days.

Federal Health Minister Saira Afzal Tarar said the matter was bewildering as Spinal-fluid tapping is not an easy job. Avowing that the perpetrators would be brought to full justice, she resolved to probe into the matter to its logical conclusion.