Two big losses

Khurram Aniq Ahmed Khan

Both personalities are epitome for the youngsters of their relevant fields. Both represented Pakistan in the whole world. Both were the faces of Pakistan. Both left us on the same day.

The news of death of human rights activist Asma Jahangir and film actor Qazi Wajid is indeed a big loss to Pakistan. It was a sad day for Pakistan when on the same day we lost the great artist who was considered the face of radio and Pakistan drama industry and a political and humanitarian activist who never hesitated to speak the truth to the power that be. We lost them on 11th of February.

Qazi Wajid left us with countless memories at the age of 87. He has left us with his work which he had been working for decades. Many dramas and theater plays were famous because of his acting skills. He was awarded presidential award for his achievement in the field of radio and television in 1988. It’s sad indeed that now the person who was proud of Pakistani drama industry is no more with us.

The other loss we bear is the loss of Asma Jahangir. Who don’t know her? She was the brave lady. A lady with vision and ambition. She never hesitated to speak truth.

We can differ from her political opinion, but nobody can deny her determination and efforts to support democracy, rights of oppressed women, minorities and her commitment to Jinnah’s vision of a democratic welfare state where every individual can practice his faith without any fear—-united under one identity, i.e., citizen of Pakistan, enjoying equal rights.

One news which I got from the Karachi Literary Festival (KLF) is that there was a sudden silence on the venue when they got the news of death of Asma Jahangir. This showed respect for her in the hearts of people of Pakistan. Asma was an iron lady who had an aura of grit and determination which is rare in our kind of societies.

She always stood against the dictatorship tooth and nail. She never feared anyone. She stood against all the odds. She was truly a lady with bravery.

As I said that Qazi Wajid and Asma Jahangir were epitomes of their fields. It will take some time to fill their places. People like them are born once in a century.

May both of them rest in peace. Ameen.