US Secretary of States Rex Tillerson meets Syrian opposition in Amman

Amman (APP): US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met Syrian opposition negotiators in Jordan on Wednesday for closed-door talks in the wake of a January peace summit hosted by regime backer Russia.

The opposition and Kurdish groups had boycotted the congress, held just days after a ninth round of United Nations-led talks in Vienna failed to yield progress towards ending Syria’s devastating conflict.

The West views Russia’s efforts for peace in Syria with suspicion, concerned that Moscow is seeking to sideline the UN process.

But the US acting assistant secretary of state, David Satterfield, said on Wednesday that the fallout had been limited.

“We got in the end a communique which validated the UN role,” Satterfield said before Tillerson’s meeting in Amman. “So this game, this theatre that was Sochi… finally came out in a way that did no damage.”